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Payment Plans

Our goal is to offer you, the customer a way to either SAVE MONEY, spread payments over a longer period of time or to pre-buy some heating fuel to relieve some burden in the winter months. All auto w/ cred card, pre-buy and budget payment plans will require automatic deliveries or scheduled that is determined by using daily temperatures, consumption, and a special formula.


Our Budget Plans are a great way to spread out your heating oil costs and eliminate the possibility of having a large bill at an inconvenient time. We simply estimate your yearly usage and create 10 easy monthly payments.


The Prepay Plan allows you to prepay all of your fuel for the coming heating season and get a locked-in price for the whole heating season. No matter how high the price goes, you get the locked-in Prepay price.

Credit Card

This is the ideal plan for someone who can afford paying for a fill up (200 Gallons +) in one shot.


Will Call, Automatic, Schedule

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